The Red Brick Office

The Red Brick Office.Hokkaido

Someone, booked through me, the APA Hotel Sapporo-Susukino-Ekimae in Sapporo City in Hokkaido Prefecture in Northern Japan. I have no idea who the person is but I always enjoy looking at an unfamiliar hotel and to study nearby landmarks to learn something new. It is about 8 min by subway or 1.1 km from the former Hokkaido Government Office. Constructed in 1888, the building deployed American neo-baroque architecture and it is known as “the red brick office” pic from Agoda. Thank you to the anonymous person who made the booking. You can let me know discreetly by PM if you so wish but it is non-obligatory. If anyone of you travel to Japan or anywhere in the world, please book a hotel via MyCen Hotels ( Since Instagram is notoriously difficult to embed clickable links, I have placed the link on my Instagram profile. It should now be easier for you to launch my hotel booking page from there. Thank you for your support, Sapporo traveler and other intrepid travelers 🙂 #sapporo #hokkaido #japan #hotels

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