Volunteers Needed

Central Market

In the short few hours, we covered the Ernest Zacharevic art installation, the Stylo barber shop, Guandi Temple and much more. We were lucky the sun was intense and the sky was a deep blue from early morning.

Curiously, Paul is not as interested in photography or heritage stuff as much as me. He is extremely patient, tolerant and is willing to go the extra mile without much complaints.

If you feel you are similarly blessed but is not a reclusive hermit, is reasonably dependble and reliable… You stay in the Klang Valley, own and drive your own car, like trying out new food and exploring new places, you may want to volunteer as my assistant and adventure companion and driver partner. Can be a female or male and be of any race or religion.

You will learn some extra things about photography for sure, gain valuable travel insights and discover life. Contact me via PM or e-mail me at tvsmith@gmail.com and we will take it from there. No promises. It depends on the chemistry and your attitude, usually.

Picture of new kite arch at Central Market’s walkway. Some old or hertage buildings are conserved Singapore style where only the shell or facade is retained.

Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the blue sky.

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