A Look Back at A&W in Malaysia

I remember going to a drive-in in Singapore. One of the first in Malaysia was at AIA buiding. I love their tuna sandwich and lemonade and was heart broken when they were discontinued because they claimed they were not popular with Malaysians.

Things went downhill after that. One had to drive to Shah Motel area in PJ for waffles. We had to avoid getting hugged by the blind bear mascot because it stinks. I found a quick and safe place to grab a Coney Dog. (as it was known then). Now Chicken or Beef Coney.

It was at the old railway station of KL The first outlet to get a root beer (as it was known then). Now RB in a chilled mug was Batu Road opposite Mun Loong. Now Kamdar?

Shall we talk about Kentuky’s jelly ice cream? Now KFC.

Lovely Tariker.

Lovely Tariker.

Back at F&N Teh Tarik Mega 2017, members of the public and shoppers at Mydin USJ Mall were invited to play an obstacle challenge course, that included balancing some things on the head and to make tea the tarik way, while running. Photograph by Maria Bernadette.

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Beaches For Your Sunset Pics – Part 4

I’ve been looking at my sunset pics to feature more for the Beaches For Your Sunset Pics series. See sidebar for related links.I think Bagan Lalang can be the 4th beach to include. I know. Singapore has Clarke Quay and Boat Quay and what do we have? Weed Quay! Haha. It may be far but it has yielded consistently good sunsets for me, so far.

I first went there before AVANI Goldcoast Sepang was even built, Since Bagan means a fisherman’s quay or fisherman’s wharf or jetty and lalang means weed or blady grass, I placed the camera on the ground on top of the grass creeping on the sand for this very low view of the sunset.

Besides the luxury AVANI Sepang Gold Coast Resort, there are a couple cheaper alternatives very nearby. When you finish with the sunsets, it will usually be already 8 pm and the road is dark and narrow, So stay a night and relax.

Hotel links here: http://www.mycen.my/hotels-in-morib-and-gold-coast-selangor/

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Bang Ka Lee Is Not The Punjabi Baby Adopted By The Lee Family

Nice of them to include (or commission) a piece of local history by a local artist.

The kandar pole traders roamed the streets with food pots carried on each end of the long, strong and flexible wooden poles balanced on a shoulder.

The nasi kandar dish derived its name from the kandar poles used by the mobile street hawkers who were mostly of Indian or Indian Muslim descent from Tamil Nadu state in India.

It seem to be inaccurately depicted as turbanised Sikhs or Punjabis here. The artist is Chinese and was probably culturally insensitive and geographically ignorant, like many other non-Indians here.

They erroneously and habitually call any Punjabi or a Sikh with a turban Bengalis (Bang Ka Lee in Chinese Hokkien) but then, Bengal is another region altogether.

I think Kandar wood is from the Sal tree (Shorea robusta), native to India

Kudos to Little Penang for including a plaque to credit the artist who is Penang born deaf mute, self-taught mural artist Louis Gan. His most famous wall mural is “Brother and Sister on a Swing” in an alleyway off Chulia Street Ghaut, in George Town, Penang.

Panasonic GM-1, ISO 1250, f4, 1/60 sec.

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Lembah Beringin – Part 3

After The Signpost.

Arriving from Kerling, the visitor is greeted by ruins immediately after a sign that marks the town of Lembah Beringin.

Rows and rows of brutal abandonment hit you in the face. I am not sure if the houses were were even completed. Many such properties have their metal fittings such as windows, door grills, plumbing and electrical wiring stolen or stripped. A group of scrap metal collectors (besi burok) guys descended like a swarm of locusts eating everything its way.

Have a friend who bought two such houses dirt cheap in a fire sale. He was thinking it was a deal that cannot go wrong. Cash and carry. No loans needed. Little did he expect to be paying migrant workers to stay there. The paid tenants help deter theft, vandalism and further ruination. Tragic, right?

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 200, f8, 1/400 sec.

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