Muo Boutique Hotel

Muo Boutique Hotel

Time to introduce another local hotel. Muar has an exciting new boutique hotel in town. Muo Boutique Hotel is a new hotel that opened a few days ago. Tastefully refurbished from an old shop house, it appears classy, painted in white.

I was introduced to the new hotel in Muar, Johor by my long time Muar friend Yusof Noi or Ms Noraini, the former headmistress of Muar Convent. She spent a night there and had only good things to say. Guests can go the rooftop which will be an alfresco cafe when ready. One can view Muar River from up there. Norani is seen here in a selfie on the roof with the Muar River behind.

The hotel has a mamak restaurant downstairs serving local fare. The famous Muar breakfast satay shop and famous 434 coffee outlet is not far if you venture out on foot.

I first thought MUO is an abbreviation but it is not. According to Noraini, Muo is how Murians say Muar. Haha. I like Muar as it is charming small town with nice food, people and many places of attraction. Noraini was one of my local guides when I visited the last time. The other guide being Christine Yeow Cher Yuin. I stayed at the Elite Hotel, opposite Sam Kee. Happy to know there is now another accommodation option in Muar.

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