Anson Bay – When Doves Cry

Anson Bay – When Doves Cry.

Many Malaysians normally don’t go out of the way to avoid pigeons and enjoy seeing the birds flying helter-skelter because of some thrill they get by doing so. It makes such people feel powerful, I guess, to see animals dispersing because of them. Knowing how awful it is to be interrupted while eating, I always avoid pecking birds and take a detour which is not hard.

I set my camera to a very fast shutter speed to freeze the anticipated dispersal and waited. My awesome co driver, navigator and camera assistant then, Zyneste acted as human spotter. She told me she saw a human approaching. As expected, he crashed the bird feeding party headlong and sent all the hungry birds into flight. Got the shot and we went to look for the famous Ah Chai fruit rojak after that.

Sony A7R, ISO 1600, f16, 1/3200 sec.

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Lean On Me

Saw a post from Teluk Intan native Chong See Ming and decided to try out Facebook’s improved search of old posts. Found the image surprisingly quick. That it works will save me much time in finding the captions for my book. The original pic is in high quality PSD format.

If you are a Photoshop user, you may like to know that the free Faststone Viewer is the only image viewer or simple app that can display PSD files in a gallery. Even Photoshop can’t do that. Heh.

The Leaning Tower Of Teluk Intan.

The iconic landmark at the former colonial town previously renamed Anson Bay. Built in 1885 by a Chinese contractor, the pagoda functioned as a water tank and clock tower. According to tourist info, the clock was originally crafted by highly-regarded London watch and clock makers J.W. Benson of Ludgate Hill.

Photography Notes: If you want good light, you have to wait for the correct time, bad weather notwithstanding. No other way, really. With a little luck, the sky was a perfect blue the day I was there.

I didn’t just wait for good light but waited also for a cyclist to come along to include some foreground activity. Quite a long wait too, as it was an exceptionally hot day and everyone else stayed indoors. Coincidentally, the scrap cardboard collector’s cargo was also leaning and was going to topple.

The use of an ultra-wide angle lens here presented two challenges. I have to be very careful in keeping the horizon level so as to preserve the natural tilt of the tower. With a very wide lens, it is easy to tilt the camera instead.

With so much sky in frame, the foreground exposure was a little overwhelmed. A little kick from the camera’s DRO smoothened out the harsh dynamic range and preserved some details in the shadow areas of the structure.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 320, f11, 1/400 sec.

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