Kaki Lima

The five-foot-way or ‘kaki lima’ is a colonial legacy from the time when front of shops were required by law to have a 5-foot wide walkway. The practical and functional architectural design element lives on in the old shops of Tanjung Malim and many other places.

According to Wikipedia, the requirement was first specified in the Stamford Raffles Town Act of 1822 for Singapore. It applied also to Malaya and Brunei.

I think is quite a brilliant design as the overhanging top floor acts as a shelter or shade for window shoppers. Together with classic columns and arches, the shady walkways appear like a long tunnel or corridor to the camera.

Saw this girl gulping milk on the five-foot-way from afar. When I got near, I found out her parents are trading in one of the shops. I asked her father if it is normal to drink milk so fast and furious. He said is normal. Gulps.

Anyway, I like how she multi-tasked by posing, smiling and drinking at the same time.

Happy Mother’s Day, all.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 200, f4, 1/250 sec.