What Lah

I was walking by a restaurant in the Hartamas area when I saw a hipster choking on a black burger. Yes, it’s 2015 and our hipsters are still into burgers with charcoal buns (and green tea Kit Kat).

Fortunately, someone else there knew the Heimlich maneuver and administered it. The victim’s frantic partner called 999 and insisted on a hybrid or electric ambulance.

I shouted: “Give him a lemongrass drink or a mason jar with infused water and he’ll be alright”

The slumped, choked guy nodded in agreement.

“Later get him a Central Market T-shirt with an owl or dreamcatcher motif to cheer him up. Or find an inspirational quote for him to post on his Instagram”, I added.

Tears welled in everyone’s eyes.

As I exit the restaurant, I saw the manager running around the al fresco dining area in circles, as if still in panic.

I asked: “WTF, madam?”

She replied: “Oh. I’m plotting my running tracks to upload to Facebook”

Olympus OM-D, ISO 250, f6.3, 1/100 sec.

*juicy burger with charcoal buns photographed previously at myburgerlab. Not related to incident mentioned here.

Coming In For A Landing

A bird coming out of the clouds for a landing on the spire of a Hindu temple in Tanjung Malim.

Olympus OM-D, ISO 640, f8, 1/200 sec.

The Yellow Lake Of Proton City

Nestled within a quiet housing estate in Proton City is a picturesque but deserted park. Risqi, 4 and Rifa, 7, were taking in the the view of the lake from under a gazebo.

Their mother Nani, a science teacher from a school in nearby Kuala Slim, told me the lake was a tin-mining pit. She reckoned the yellowish water was caused by heavy rain the night before.

I was also told by other Tanjung Malim folks that, on weekends, it is a popular place for kite flying and other recreational activities.

Olympus OM-D, ISO 200, f6.3, 1/250 sec.

What The Fog

It is no different from any in the big cities. Disarray of satellite dishes, messy utility cables and a few garishly-renovated houses sticking out like sore thumbs.

Except for one thing. In the city, one would automatically assume a neighbour is down with dreaded dengue fever when one sees a big cloud of white fog. Are the authorities doing symbolic fogging again after the mosquitoes have bolted?

Not here, thankfully. The fogging at their doorsteps are low-lying clouds and fresh mountain mist. Now that’s living.

Olympus OM-D, ISO 200, f9, 1/640 sec.

The Hills Are Alive

The hills are alive from near Tanjung Malim. Rarely noted are the beautiful hills and mountains visible from the vicinity of Tanjung Malim, Behrang and Proton City.

Yesterday, there was two hours of heavy downpour in Tanjung Malim but it didn’t dampen my spirits. I knew the the post-rain landscape will be spectacular.

True enough, the resulting mountain fog, mists and bluish hues were breathtaking. Was expecting Julie Andrews to come from behind the grass.

Olympus OM-D, ISO 200, f7.1, 1/320 sec.