The Wall

A wall of people greeted me

He made another turn into yet another dodgy back lane and I can hear a roar this time. Around the corner, was a wall of people, several in traditional Burmese longyi sarong. They were watching something.

Hameed turned to look at me before assimilating into the crowd. As we both panted and try to catch our breath, he shouted: You go ahead and enjoy watching. Don’t go asking strange questions again, OK?

I gave him a silent thumbs-up sign and pushed my way gently through the crowd. Everyone allowed me through, with some urging those in front to make way. Maybe because I was the only outsider or they understood my curiosity.

Strangely, and probably by co-incidence, the men were mostly dressed in red, blue and white: the tri-colours of the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma flag used from 1974 to 2010. I have questions.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 1250, f9, 1/250 sec.

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