Who Are These People?

Who Are These People?

You scroll through your timeline or newsfeed occasionally. You liked some pictures or posts because they appear interesting. Also because you know how difficult an effort it was to put up some of the posts. Also you want to give some support and encouragement to decent people.

I am not talking about liking a trivial post or some mental diarrhea transformed into a post. You do it NOT BECAUSE they are your friends but because you know social media is about being RECIPROCAL and SOCIABLE. You REMEMBER some liked your posts and it is only FAIR and LOGICAL you return the gesture even though it is an unwritten rule. It may not be compulsory or obligatory but it is basic and decent human value about receiving and giving. Sad to say; many fuckers are NOT EVEN HUMANS.

Social media is not a VACUUM. It is about reactions, be it likes, sharing and commenting. Even pokes. To those who regularly do, I thank you.

But there a few useless assholes or social media LEPERS around. Throw a like and you’ll hit one.You liked their posts every time or for the UMPTEENTH time but they never like any of your posts BACK.

Who are these arrogant mofos who expect ONE WAY LOVE, all the time? They DON’T BELONG in social media and only make things regressive. I don’t have the time but I should avoid them, unfriend or unfollow the zombies. These are selfish people who expect to receive all the time and not give. You probably see them hanging around a Christmas tree and not give any presents to their loved ones.

You know who you are, mofos and I will be unfollowing or unfriending you soon. I don’t want people with RIGOR MORTIS or UNRESPONSIVE people on my list. At least, you know the reason I kicked you out, if you read it here later.

I assume these people are DEAD and don’t check their posts. But nope. There’ll be a GRATUITOUS selfie posted very hour to show they are still BREATHING. I’m not even talking about arrogant celebs or women who flaunt their BIG TITS in profile pics and daily pics all the time.

These women don’t give a fuck about you because they know they will get grateful likes from DUMDFUCK guys who will turn into soft silicon upon seeing big tits in bikinis. lingerie, belly buttons, butt cracks, cleavage or big tits half hanging out like rotting cempedak. These are the same LAME slave guys who write grammar-challenged posts into her timeline to express: “Thanks for accepts”. WTF?

Was trying to find some T&A pics to illustrate this post and realised I have a big collection from the now defunct Japan GT races in Sepang.

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