A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan

The monkeys, they have a plan. When they see a sack of bananas, they don’t snatch it directly. They launch a coordinated sneak attack. One guy lifts her skirt while another grabs her from the back, hoping she’ll drop the stash. This candid moment came about when Carmen was sitting on the ledge as I fine-tuned the camera’s fill-flash settings.

Behind and below is a beautiful view of mangrove swamps and the Straits of Malacca. On a very clear day, one should be able to see Sumatra from up here.

The ‘Near Threatened’ silvered-leaf monkeys on Malawati Hill are in an uneasy but symbiotic relationship with humans. Their antics draw tourists to the hill, benefiting businesses in Kuala Selangor town. In return, they get food and tolerance from the authorities.

Olympus OM-D, ISO 250, f16, 1/250 sec with FL-50R in daylight fill mode.

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