Al Fresco Dining At Jonker Walk

Tambah Tau Pok in Jonker Walk

The curry or laksa mee street food hawker at the connecting road to Jalan Tokong from Jonker Street. So awesome to be at so close to a tokong or Chinese temple built in 1645.

I always request for extra toppings of “tau pok” or tofu or fried soy bean curd puffs when eating curry noodles soup. It is always nice when the tofu puffs soak up the santan soup or gravy and become softly bloated. A sign at the stall proclaimed the dish as “Laksa Mee Hee Kiow Mee”. Hee Kiow might possibly be Fish Mix in Hokkien.

If you want a total heritage immersion in the UNESCO World Heritage City, I recommend staying at the heritage Hotel Puri, which is a short walk from here. Booking link also shown here: Colours Of Yonker.

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