Chiselled Stone, A Yogi Gynecologist And A Dinosaur.

Chiselled Stone, A Yogi Gynecologist And A Dinosaur

Batu Pahat is both a district and city in the state of Johor. It lies to the south of Muar. In its prosperous days in the past, the town was nicknamed “Little Paris of the East” as it was famous for its robust night life.

It is now more sedate but many hotels still exist. I called on local resident and my friend Dr Lowkp Pakar Sakit Puan, obstetrician and gynecologist (OB/GYN) at the New Putra Specialist Hospital in Batu Pahat to send me some pictures. on Fb.

He sent me a bunch of esoteric pics and something different. I needed to confirm with him on each selected pic as there were no captions. The pics match his cheerful and eccentric persona. Thank you. doc.

Picture of the good doc doing yoga with a dinosaur at Taman Rekreasi Tasik Batu Pahat. Notice it is a T Rex and not baby goats as it is now the trend sweeping the world. I am sure the good doctor will be embracing goat yoga when it hits the rural scape or farms of Batu Pahat.

The seaside town acquired the name Batu Pahat, which means “chiselled stone”, from the quarries near the estuary. It used to be Bandar Penggaram when salted fish was its main produce. Today, there are many factories in BP producing garments and furniture.

Whether you are visiting or going back to your hometown, find a hotel in Batu Pahat here:

Or find a hotel in neighbouring Muar:

Such as this:

Or this:

Or in Johor Bahru:

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