Need Your Advice

Need Your Advice

I have a non-functioning external WD hard disk. WD Elements or Passport USB type of 500G capacity. Went to a data recovery shop in Imbi Plaza. With just a cursory and dour faced examination, the guy quoted RM 1500 to repair and recover the data to another disk. He said it needs to be done in a clean room as the needle was skipping on the platter and making clicking noises. Will take 5 days it seemed.

I understand the work needed BUT

I can’t afford RM 1500. It is not sensitive or important company data that needs to be recovered by hook or crook. I think the service targets corporate clients with big budgets. I only have pictures and Photoshop files in it. They are important but I can live without it. I have so far.

SO dear hive minds,

Please advise through your collective knowledge on other options to take and maybe recommend a reasonable repair service in KL that you know. Thank you.

Picture by Western Digital.

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