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Sky Mirror or Ssaran Beach off Kual Selangor

I wanted to promote the new VI Boutique Hotel in Pasir Penmbang in Kuala Selangor. They opened on March 25th and unfortunately their applications to Agoda and are not approved as yet. I will link them when they are ready. Credit to recently featured Muo Boutique Hotel in Muar for sorting out their online booking affiliations upon opening their doors. I saw the pre-opened VI Boutique Hotel when I was heading to Sekinchan in late January 2017.

From their Facebook page, I learned that the hotel organises a boat tour to a beach with an awful name called Sky Mirror or Sasaran Beach. It is a sea shore that looks like a Bolivian salt flat during low tide. Many people dressed colorfully to take group photos, selfies and wefies with reflections on the mirror like surface. Social media drives the hunger.

You will find the most ridiculous and puke inducing poses carried out there. The boatmen even provide props like colourful umbrellas and hats. Cliche mofos.

The jetty is 3 minutes from the hotel and from there another 40 minutes by boat ride out to sea. You can inquire at the hotel.

Through the hotel’s helpful social media administrator, I asked Low Siew Chong (group pic) and my friend Emily Lowe (threesome pic) for permission to use their pics.

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