Hometown Colours

Hometown Colours.

Rain falls on the parched road of tiny Sungai Mati town. The town of Dead River used to be a bustling river port. It was so named because it became an oxbow lake or billabong after breaking from the Muar River. Located on the outskirts of Muar town.

It is not my hometown and I stopped here while I was going to Muar for a holiday. Stopped because the colours were so striking. It was also on this trip, I discovered there is a bridge which Muarians call the Penang Bridge. Confusingly, the official name is also very original as in Jambatan Kedua. WTFish? Haha.

Incidentally, I received a second booking for the new Muo Boutique Hotel by an unknown person for the Hari Raya period again. If you are planning to book a hotel for the “balik kampung” trip ahead, please do so early. It is getting to be a common practice and people do it for various reasons. Many small town hotels are understandably small and have limited rooms.

MyCen Hotels should have a hotel listed or searchable for every town. Let me know, if you have difficulty finding one for your destination. Contact me and I will try to help you find one.

Below are some of the sample presets or links to towns or cities with ready links of hotels at the lower part of the booking page at http://www.mycen.my/hotel/

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