Recent Individually Featured Hotels At MyCen Hotels

Recent hotels individually featured at Mycen Hotels website at

You can book and see all featured hotels directly. It ranges from the RM 4200 a night Waldorf Astoria of Beverly Hills to the RM 23 a night Polo Regatta in Saint Petersburg Russia.

1. The Polo Regatta Hotel on the Gulf of Finland

2. The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

3. The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra, India

4. Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel

5. Makkah Clock Royal Tower, A Fairmont Hotel

6. Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

7. Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru

8. Le Apple Boutique Hotel KLCC

9. Salcombe Harbour Hotel and Spa

10. Sea Lion Firefly Concept Hotel Kuala Selangor

Double The Deals For You

Double The Deals For You.

Due to competition between the two principal and giant hotel booking aggregators, I can now display deals from both the competing giants which both are my partners. It is much trouble to add retrospectively, though.

The deals from Booking dot com are traditionally shown as a vertical banner for each city. Agoda dot com’s smaller banners, or what they are called dynamic banners, are shown as a sample above (circled in red).

Adding one more set of deals not only doubles the options and choices, ideally, but some frequent travelers have their own preferred login credentials or preferred middle men. Deals aren’t a precise science and it depends on the prevailing occupancy, demand and season, I speculate. Is controlled by the hotels according to their own algo and formula. In fact some cities, deals wont show up for some unknown technical reasons. I shall ask them at their webinar this Friday.

If no hotels are shown on the banner, just click on it and it will take you to the city. I am adding the second option to more cities as we go along. Use the generic Hotel Search ( and it should unravel any hidden deals or flash prices. I complained about some banners not rotating and they now have added up down arrow keys to cycle through manually.

Thank you to regular users for your valued support and I hope to improve your experience and value. Please PM me or e-mail me, should you have questions. Thank you. Hotel Deals Finder Index is here:

Got Discount Or Not Ah?

Sometimes when I try to promote my hotel booking site to a friend, and the friend will ask “can I get discounts?” That’s a very typical Malaysian response. Not just about value but friends must always give discounts, it seems.

I love to give you a discount but it is not within my control. I understand the sentiment and the desire to get maximum value as a Malaysian myself. That is why I recently launched the Hotel Deals Finder feature.

For each city featured, you can find special discounts and reduced room rates for certain properties. Save up to 50 % or more, where available. It depends on the deals made by the hotels and my affiliate partner and are subject to availability and booking dates.

I am trying out the Deals feature and am kicking off with discounted rates for hotels or deals in some of the destinations popular with Malaysians. However, any one from anywhere in the world can enjoy the discounts.

Look for the deals index by clicking Holel Deals Finder link on the sidebar. So far, the initial cities are Bandar Seri Begawan | Bangkok | Borobudur | Bromo Cameron Highlands | Hanoi | Ho Chi Minh City | Hong Kong | Jakarta | Johor Bahru | Kathmandu | Kota Kinabalu | Kuala Lumpur | Kuching | Kuta | Melaka | Penang | Phnom Penh | Siem Reap | Singapore | Ubud .

These are some of the destinations popular with Malaysians. I hope to include hotels in Taiwan, Korea and Japan soon. It is tough work and as luck would have it, I suffered an Internet outage over the weekend, slowing down the building of more pages.

You can use built-in Hotel Search and you’ll probably find some existing deals or flash sale. For your convenience, I’ll add more cities. as we go along and as I gauge usage and understand the algo better. Thank you for your support. Contact me directly, should you need help.

Since I am so tired, I didn’t use Photoshop to build a collage. Tip: I merely screen capture the directory thumbs view generated by the excellent and free Faststone Image Viewer. I like that it looked natively like cardboard-mounted travel slides from film days. Start here for discounts: #mycenhotels #hotels #discounts #deals #rooms #travel

Hotels In Singapore

If you ask the average Malaysian which hotel he or she remembers, it”ll probably be the iconic Tang’s Hotel at the corner of shopping haven Orchard Road. It is now known as the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. Of course many will also know the landmark Marina Bay Sands.

While compiling the list for Budget Hotels In Singapore, I saw many new and exciting hotels. Singapore is a popular tourist destination and an international convention and exhibition center.

Doing this list for all hotels, brought back many memories as I have stayed at places such as the Holiday Inn, RELC, the Robertson Quay Hotel, the Copthorne Orchid, Sentosa Island resort, East Coast Park chalets, the Marina Mandarin, which once a coveted luxury hotel, now overshadowed by many newer rivals such as the Marina Bay Sands. There were many others I can no longer remember but it is nice to see so many still in operation.

During one year while attending Broadcast Asia and CommunicAsia or maybe one of the air shows, I couldn’t find a single available room. It was scary to be stranded in a modern city state. Yes indeed, Singapore has many hotels but the shows attract many visitors and trade people.

I wish things were more organised online in those years and I intend to make it easier to find a hotel on the island. According to the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), there were 413 hotels with 63,850 rooms as of 31 December 2016.

Here is a non exhaustive list but it should set you off on a good footing. These are hotels costing above RM250. For smaller and cheaper hotels, see also Budget Hotels In Singapore.

Here we go:

A Suggestion And Explanation

A Suggestion And Explanation.

Many well meaning and kind people wanted to help me by booking rooms through me when they travel. I thank you and appreciate your support greatly. I sometimes get private messages from these good people who asked “What was the link to the hotel booking page again?” I understand it is not easy remembering unless you, scroll back on my posts.

I thought about it and I may have a simple solution for you.

Photoshop users will know making the graphic with text is a pain. Cari makan is not easy, I know.

1. If you messaged me on Facebook, it means you can also view my Facebook. On the profile info you can see my website or blog at

2.Go to the link and you will see a link Book A Room on the top menu on every page there.

3. On the portal MyCen Maps ( where the booking and hotel search page resides, you will also see a link “Book A Hotel Room” on the sidebar of every page there.

4. On my long standing portal Malaysia Central (, you can also find a link on the front page or you can also find an Agoda search panel in the hotel category.

5. Finally, bookmark the page in question directly itself, for future use:

I don’t mind you asking me any question as it means potential revenue no matter how small. One person asked me a seeming audacious question. The person asked if he or she must use the provided link.

Scary but perfectly understandable as not many people understand the mechanics of commission tracking and the technical aspects at the back end of affiliate marketing. It may be an easy process and it is transparent to the user for a good reason.

I am like an introducer who will get a commission for a deal closed. Agoda wont know I was the referral unless you used the correct link which has my affiliate account number properly referenced.

It is therefore essential you use the correct link, so I get my commission. The commission will not affect your rate as it is absorbed by Agoda and the hotels. Remember also you can use it from anywhere in the world and book a room at anywhere in the world.

Thank you for understanding and support.