The Swamp Thing

It saddened me to see a forlorn cat in Kukup. With water everywhere, a swamp ain’t no place to keep a cat or dog. Without sterilization, the stray population grows and many became feral.

I know we can’t save the world always but we can be empathetic and help educate ignorant pet owners.

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Three Little Dogs.

Three Little Dogs.

Stumbled upon an ‘awww’ moment.

Three homeless puppies watching a stray cat eat. Living on the streets, the trio would have learned early life lessons that cats scratch.

I shouted: Guys! Stop hoping. Cats don’t share.

Cat turned around and gave me a look that says: “Yeah. Get them off my back. I’m trying to eat here.”

Photographed at Kuala Pilah market one morning.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 320, f4, 1/200 sec.

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Fat Cat Of The Village Grocer at the Leper Colony

Colony In The Valley – Part 9.

After lunch, I went to get a stick of ice cream at a local grocery shop.

The kedai runcit was known as the provision shop to the English doctors and nurses during its heydays.

Today, it is the village grocer in the true sense of the word. A meeting point for villagers.

I call the lady grocer Leng Lui, like how her Chinese customers call her. Malay, Indian and Indonesian customers call her Ah Moi.

The lady declined to be photographed, so her fat cat will represent her.

She has 10 cats, all rescued as abandoned kittens. I asked her if the cats are spayed, neutered and vaccinated. She said every one of them are and it cost her a fortune.

She also feeds the other stray cats and dogs which she also gave names. How to not like her?

She’s naggy and motherly. Tough and street smart. Can lift two cooking gas cylinders and has a tattoo on one breast, bits of the ink showing teasingly.

I asked jokingly if I can see the full tattoo and she gave me an uncharacteristically coy answer; “My mother won’t allow that” she said softly. Lol.

When I picked a lime ice cream, she said you shouldn’t eat sour stuff if your tummy is empty. I mention that I was at a Taoist temple earlier and couldn’t get any info as not a single soul was around.

Leng Lui seemed startled and concerned.

She: OMG! You are very brave.

Me: Why?

She: No one wanders alone in the deserted parts here!

Me: I usually work alone. Why?

She: You are lucky you didn’t get robbed! Recently two female reporters from Taiwan had all their camera gear stolen at knife point.

Me: Who are the robbers?

She told me the answer and it fits into the bigger scheme of things. Derelict houses attract all kinds of uninvited tenants, including criminals and drug-dependent occupiers.

To be continued.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 640, f4, 1/250 sec.

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Opium For Nga Nga

Elizabeth Chong being the nice person and cat (and dog) lover she is, brought a calling gift to my house. She told my mom it is Meow’s Ah Phian in Hokkien; meaning cat’s opium. Haha.

In Chinese it is known as cat mint or catnip in English. It is really addictive like a drug to cats, it seems. When I was out, my cat Nga Nga raided the pouch, tore it and ate half of it. But then, he is a compulsive glue sniffer all along and has always been attracted to any glue smells such as adhesives on envelope flaps and stamps. He even licked a jar of Tiger Balm once.

Catnip is a plant, organic and herbal. I read that it can trigger hallucinations and cause cats to be high. Let’s see if Nga Nga makes drunk calls (drunk dialing) to his ex girlfriends at 3 am tonight as many of us intoxicated guys have done, at one time or another. 🙂

What do cat owners with experience think?

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Introducing Nga Nga

Nga Nga is our lonely and bored indoor cat. He holds a special place in our hearts. Eight or nine years ago, my mom saw a tiny kitten trapped and crying in a water logged and deep monsoon drain that he must have fallen into.

Mom summoned me and I jumped in without thinking. The drain was so deep I could not climb back up. Had to walk a mile before finding a way to climb out, with the wet, dirtied and frightened kitten in hand. Nga Nga means baby in Cantonese. Was the name registered at the vet when he was sent for check up and vaccinations.

Nga Nga is seen here wearing a collar that came with one of the bags of cat food donated by Lewyee Ng through Tesco’s online purchase and delivery.

The cats still need food donations. See my recent post entitled “There Is Hope” ( (or PM me for the Tesco link) and info on how you can help Nga Nga and my other cats. Thank you.

Pictures with Asus Zenfone3