Sunset Capital Of The World

Kota Kinabalu is the sunset capital of the world. I don’t mean it in the metaphorical sense as in declining.There was a spectacular or glorious sunset every day I was there. This is a scene from the same balcony I captured the earlier pic of the flickering silver sea with Bernard Khoo. Without warning, it soon developed into a majestic golden sunset,

Whether you are on the balcony of your hotel room or on the beach or on the waterfront, or at the UMS jetty at Sepanggar Bay, at the stilt houses of the water village or at the Bandar Mosque, a stunning sunset awaits you daily unless it is raining heavily. West Malaysians need to know that sunsets in KK are an hour earlier at around 6:20 pm.

Don’t wait for the sun to dip below the horizon although the beauty of an afterglow with rich hues has its merits too. Compose to include reflections on water, wet sand and palm trees if there are. Photographers go to the seaside for sunsets because all these elements make a great backdrop. Not surprisingly, the Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Resort has a bar named Sunset Bar.

The beaches of Tanjung Aru is a great place to photograph sunsets. The coast faces West. If you are planning to go KK to photograph sunsets, book a KK hotel listed in MyCen Hotels ( Suggestions are Marina Court Resort Condo Hotel (where I photographed this), Tanjung Aru Beach Resort, Manukan Island Resort, the Magellan Sutera at Sutera Harbour and possibly at the resort at big Gaya Island, if you are on he correct side.

You can do it at any beach or high elevation vantage point you have access, Nobody owns the sunsets.

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In Memory of Uncle Bernard Khoo

On a rainy day, the former South China Sea and Gaya Island were part of a glittering silver landscape. Photographed from our Kota Kinabalu apartment hotel Marina Court with the late Bernard Khoo (blogger Zorro Unmasked) blowing smoke from his pipe, next to me. I told Bernard the landscape may soon become gold. Bernard passed away on 4th April 2014. The hotel can be seen in the previous post.

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Marina Court Resort Condo Hotel Kota Kinabalu

I am glad Jugjet Singh Randhawa remembered the name of the hotel the NPC entourage from KL stayed in while in Sabah. Finding a forgotten hotel is like reuniting with a long lost friend. Because of the big entourage, we were put up in an apartment/condo style hotel. It is near The Klagan @ Riverson featured earlier.

I have forgotten the names of many hotels I stayed because I didn’t keep mementos or records. Entire hard disks were also lost in crashes. After the introduction of blogging and social media, at least there are some written records or pics archived in the cloud somewhere. Many times, we lose touch or are no longer friends with the people we traveled with. So it is hard to even recall a name.

In a stroke of bad luck, both me and travel partner lost all pics we had from an extensive tour of Vietnam. She too cannot remember the names of all the hotels we stayed.

This hotel brought back some fond memories. My apartment mate was the late Uncle Bernard Khoo, better known as the blogger Zorro Unmasked. He left for heaven in 2014. The late Bernard, being fatherly and naggy was put in charge of the beer inventory. We carted so many crates to Sabah. Bernard was annoyed by people who came to our unit to drink and left unfinished cans lying about. It as a cardinal sin for drinkers according to Bernard.

Marina Court Resort Condo hotel is impersonal but functional. A chartered bus picked us from the guardhouse daily. I don’t recall a lobby or reception area. There are some things I like about it. Main thing was the location facing the ocean. the then South China Sea and Pulau Gaya. What does that means? If you stay on a floor high enough, you get a spectacular view, especially during sunset.

I will follow with a couple of pics if I can find them. This post is in memory of Bernard Khoo (1940 to 1974).

Book or see Marina Court Resort Condo Hotel.via this link.

On The Peak

Members of the NPC National Press Club went to climb Mount Kinabalu on the trip we made. Members from Bernama, Malaysia Nanban Tamil daily and NST, among others, were up on the peak or summit here at 4,095.2 metres or 13,436 feet.

FB friend Jugjet Singh Randhawa of NST had his turban ‘photo bombing’ Low’s Peak in perfect alignment. 🙂 Another iconic geological formation, the Donkey’s Ears Twin Peaks were destroyed in the 2015 earthquake.

Jugjet,can you or anyone remember the name of the hotel in KK we stayed?

If you are a Mont Kinabalu climber, you can search for many budget hotels in KK at MyCen Hotels

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The Klagan

Admittedly, the average West Malaysian knows so little about hotels in Sabah. If not for an anonymous user booking the Klagan at Riverson Hotel & Residence at MyCen Hotels, I would not have known about this new hotel at KK Times Square, facing The Magellan Sutera at Sutera Harbour. For this city, I have only stayed at the Hyatt Regency, the Tanjung Aru Beach Resort (built for sunsets) and a couple of others.

Links to the Klagan and major KK Hotels here: