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There was a recent news story entitled “Boy Who Was Stricken With Polio And Is Wheelchair-Bound, Now Owns 800 Minimart Outlets
Throughout Malaysia”.

Link to article: http://www.malaysiandigest.com/frontpage/29-4-tile/674400-boy-who-was-stricken-with-polio-and-is-wheelchair-bound-now-owns-800-minimart-outlets-throughout-m-sia.html

People forget that the poor guy, Mr Lee Thiam Wah, almost became a victim of racist, vicious and unwarranted boycott campaign targeted at 99 Speedmart after the elections.

I went out of the way to support him because I knew he was a genuine rags to riches story, a disabled person AND most of all, he is a non racist.

His staff used to tell me he treats them well. The irony about the absurd boycott is that he employed over 8000 staff, who are mostly Malays.

In my travels and exploration, I always see a 99 Speedmart outlet in every unknown and new neighborhood. I was thinking this a network more extensive than police stations or post offices. Surely it will be worth gold in future. Power to the hardworking man in a wheelchair. What an inspiring story for entrepreneurs.

Update/edit: I checked their Facebook page and 99 Speedmart has already opened its 951 outlet, nearing a grand total of 1000.


The Rohingyas On Land – Survivor From The British Empire

Before I could even respond, he went on to say “The British; they called it diabetes”. I think he was expecting me to ask about his amputated legs and explained that it was due to diabetic complications.

Not surprising to hear an elderly person speak English as Burma and Bangladesh were once under British rule. I don’t wear a watch but I like his G-Shock watch.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 320, f4, 1/60 sec.