To Fart Is To Prosper

Teluk Intan sights

The riverine town of Teluk Intan may be sinking due to river erosion and erosion of the coastline. It is a complicated and complex problem but the people there remain rather optimistic. The town seems to have the highest number of licensed gaming outlets east of Vegas.

Teluk Intan is so cool, in that it has a lottery shop that is a ride in (top left) at the time of my visit in 2008. Quite practical as many punters are motorcyclists and they can just ride up to the counter to place bets.

Also from my blog: The Seong Fart coffee shop has since renamed the contentious word to Fatt. It is similar sounding to Fart in Cantonese though. Or Huat in Hokkien. Both means to prosper. Even legendary Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fatt foresaw potential problems when he decided to seek fame and fortune in the States. He smartly renamed it to Fat.

Was assisted by Ms Foo Mei Ling, special assistant to the then Teluk Intan MP.

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