Ancient Speed Dating Is Painfully Slow

Throwing Of Oranges

China didn’t have Speed Dating organizers back in those days, I guess. I attended a Speed Dating event once. I wrote an article about my experience at the Speed Dating meet but forgotten where I published it. Will find it later.

That Chap Goh Meh night, girls were busy writing their Facebook user name, mobile number and age on a mandarin orange before throwing it into the lake. Hopefully, they used water proof marker pens. Heh. I always suspect the custom was invented by traders to sell unsold oranges.

I didn’t like what I saw. In spite the trouble by the girls, boorish guys were trawling the lake with scoop nets. They then inspect each scooped up orange briefly and discarded the rejected ones back into the lake as quickly. So insulting for the girl still standing there. I wonder if it was the Fb username that didn’t meet the criteria.

It is also an insult to an ancient tradition. Such losers, these bunch of guys at Taman Jaya.

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