The Book Begins Here – Your Input Needed

he Book Begins Here - Your Input Needed

It is now an empty or blank page on my screen. Adobe InDesign CC is the current industry standard for book design and layout, and was recommended by Johnny Ong. It was formerly PageMaker, I think. Johnny used it for his book. It is a new software for me and I am currently stumbling and feeling my way through.

I have the original images selected and stored in a dedicated folder, all saved in its original high and full resolution lossless psd format. Buyers will be getting the best resolution and see gorgeous colours that will jump out at them. That depends on the capability of the book printer, of course. I think some additional time may be needed as I need to rewrite some captions, if need be,

Will get Johnny to come over in to tidy up when needed. I think I will also document the process and challenges to help other future authors. Once the design and layout is completed, it can be sent to a specialist printer to do a full size, full colour, properly bound mock up to present to potential sponsors and backers.

Thing is I can’t decide on the size. It should be big enough to show the glory and sharpness of the pics. At the same time, I want to keep printing costs down and the selling price reasonable. The more affordable it is, the more people can own one.

I also need to keep weight down so is easier to transport for signing events and mailing to overseas buyers. No hard covers then. I don’t want it to be one of those bulky, heavy coffee table books. It ought to be small and intimate enough to pick up anywhere, anytime. It is basically a picture book with text, so what is your preference or suggestion on size? Appreciate your input. Thanks.

Some standard sizes mentioned on the web are:

5 x 8 in., 13 x 20 cm
6 x 9 in., 15 x 23 cm
7 x 7 in., 18 x 18 cm
8 x 10 in., 20 x 25 cm
10 x 8 in., 25 x 20 cm
13 x 11 in., 33 x 28 cm
12 x 12 in., 30 x 30 cm

Do you prefer portrait or landscape such as a Lat cartoon book? What you are seeing at this stage is only a screen capture of a rough draft; so please provide only constructive feedback.

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