Wooden Chick Is Not Your Frigid Or Unemotional Girlfriend – Part 2

A Very Old Chick.

A wooden or bamboo chick I saw on the front of a camera shop in tiny Parit Jawa town, south of Muar. The advertisement for a Asahi Pentax Spotmatic camera reads like history. It dates it to between 1964 and 1976, leaving a clue about the longevity of the shop. The model was the then much aspired SLR 35mm film camera because of its compact design, Takumar lenses and TTL needle metering. Then, came the even smaller, analog Olympus OM-1.

I searched Google Street View and was blown away to see Kedai Gambar Wong on Jalan Jabbar, behind the famous Ikan Assam Pedas Chinese corner kopitiam where Muarian Noraini (Yusof Noi) took me to eat.

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A Wooden Chick Is Not Your Frigid Or Unemotional Girlfriend – Part 1

A Wooden Chick Is Not Your Frigid Or Unemotional Girlfriend – Part 1.

Wooden or bamboo chicks are oddly named roller blinds used by old shops to shield against our harsh tropical sun. The blinds are strips of wood or bamboo which were hand crafted, hand assembled and hand painted by specialists or craftsmen. They are now factory-made in China.

The vast surface space on a shopfront is a perfect medium to display advertising. Pil Chi Kit Teck Aun, the magical stool hardening pills, was one of the earliest to put their name on the front of a Chinese medicine shop through sponsorship. To me, they are an important part of small town landscape and a heritage, Yet they are mostly undocumented, ignored, unappreciated and fading away. literally.

This is a shop in Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. Many photographers missed the visual opportunity the chicks created. When the chicks are down, there is light. See also recent post on Bekok, the frontier town of Endau Rompin.

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4th of July Fireworks

My American friend, Chris Raborn, the solo explorer, wanderer and born again photographer sent me a message just now with a picture “Thanks for the fireworks tips. I like how this turned out”

It is the Louisiana State Capitol Building in capital city Baton Rouge. Louisiana time is GMT -5 and it is around 1:30 am there local time now. Well done, Chris. We met when he was working in South East Asia.

“Thanks! You always have good photo tips” he added when I told him I am going to share it, Chis is at @chris.raborn.photography on IG.

Find a hotel in Baton Rouge via Mycen Hotels here:

I featured a picture from him at the holiday congested Yellow Stone National Park in April this year. He made my day to know I played a small part in the Independence Day celebrations.

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The Goddess of Derrieres Deity

Critical Appreciation – 006

Zoila (@zoila_guerrero) is now at Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand, Previously, the jet setting Ecuadorian was seen in cities such as Prague, Warsaw and Milan. She enhances any beach landscape.

Kneel, clasp your hands and pray or bow to the Goddess of Derrieres deity or Queen of shapely backsides. 🙂

When you hand over your camera to someone, you need to examine the background yourself and remind your friend to avoid any distracting objects such as a lamp post or a building sticking out from your head? I didn’t like the rock behind her magnificent backside Solution? Move. It is a long beach.

Ko Pha Ngan is an island off Surat Thani in the Gulf of Thailand. See over 300 hotels and resorts here via Mycen Hotels:



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Zoila and the W Hotel of Barcelona

Critical Appreciation – 005

I have followed Intagrammer Zoila Guerrero (@zoila_guerrero) for years and always thought she is Spanish or Brazilian. She told me she is Ecuadorian. I contacted her to get her permission to share this pic for 3 reasons. It will be an injustice if I didn’t let mankind see her awesome body in a bikini doing a beach volleyball squat.

Secondly. I wanted to introduce the RM 5000 a night W Hotel of Barcelona. It is the stylish tall building on the beachfront along the Barceloneta boardwalk . Seen here behind Zoila, the hotel was designed by well known and award winning Spanish architect, Ricardo Bofill. His projects can be seen all over the world. View the interior or book the hotel at MyCen Hotels here: https://www.agoda.com/partners/partnersearch.aspx?cid=1775757&pcs=1&hid=161330

Thirdly, there are also a couple of photography tips to derive from this pic. People get distracted at the beach easily and don’t keep an eye on the horizontal leveling, This is particularly important when you are shooting the sea where the real horizon must be level. Notice the W Hotel and trees are tilting to the left?

Another tip: When I step onto a sunny open airspace in the daytime, I always look at the shadows formed on the ground. This will tell you which direction the sun is shining from. Be conscious of it and you can avoid dark faces when the sun is behind.

Coming up next, Can a picture with the statuesque Zoila go wrong?


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