Eat Shit

Eat Shit.

5 billion flies can’t be wrong.

There must be a reason why we depend on Lithuanian and other foreign artists for our wall murals and street art. Local graffiti artists are either too basic or too brutally honest.

Saw this on a random walkabout in inner JB.

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A Wooden Chick Is Not Your Frigid Or Unemotional Girlfriend – Part 1

A Wooden Chick Is Not Your Frigid Or Unemotional Girlfriend – Part 1.

Wooden or bamboo chicks are oddly named roller blinds used by old shops to shield against our harsh tropical sun. The blinds are strips of wood or bamboo which were hand crafted, hand assembled and hand painted by specialists or craftsmen. They are now factory-made in China.

The vast surface space on a shopfront is a perfect medium to display advertising. Pil Chi Kit Teck Aun, the magical stool hardening pills, was one of the earliest to put their name on the front of a Chinese medicine shop through sponsorship. To me, they are an important part of small town landscape and a heritage, Yet they are mostly undocumented, ignored, unappreciated and fading away. literally.

This is a shop in Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. Many photographers missed the visual opportunity the chicks created. When the chicks are down, there is light. See also recent post on Bekok, the frontier town of Endau Rompin.

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The Ignorant Sakai

Sakai is a local idiom to describe a person who is a country bumpkin or someone who has never seen common things. It is a somewhat derogatory term for the indigenous tribe it was named after.

After receiving two bookings for hotels in Kuningan, Jakarta, I was curious. The first is Ascott Kuningan Jakarta and the second being the Aston at Kuningan Suites Hotel.

Confusingly, there is also a regency and city named Kuningan, east of Jakarta, near Cirebon. To complicate things, Kuningan City Mall turns up in search results.

I asked my Jakarta friend and Jakarta resident Veronica Sitorus (@ve_nat on IG) and she confirmed Kuningan is one of three business districts in Jakarta. When I went to Jakarta, I stayed at the Gran Mahakam Jakarta which was a fine hotel but I hated the metal detectors and explosive sniffing dogs checking my camera bags.

Jahabar Sadiq, who was then working there, visited me at the hotel before taking me on a Jakarta pub crawl. Coming from KL I have seen the undercarriage of cars inspected with mirrors before entering the car park of the KL Hilton in KL Sentral. I suspect the Grand Mahkam hotel had some American connection. This was after the Jakarta Marriott bombing.

Just my luck that I stayed later at the Renaissance New World Makati Hotel in Manila, also managed by Marriot I think. The Philippines capital suffered a wave of bombings by militants at that time. I went through the same hassle with my camera bags at hotel and at mall entrances. Was a bit unnerving seeing. for the first time, a guard with firearms inside a McDonald’s.

Anyway, Jakarta is great for street photography on foot. Although there seems to be growing inter faith intolerance now. It was nice to see multi-religious symbols placed together at a roadside art shop. I went to the Jakarta Cathedral or the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Assumption earlier and saw many male guests attending a wedding dressed in batik and wearing songkoks. The women were in beautiful kebayas. I felt like an ignorant, sheltered sakai from Malaysia. All hotels cited can be booked at MyCen Hotels

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Stylo Mylo Prebet Trevor

Trainee soldier Trevor checking his phone after a hair cut, presumably. Stylo is the famous and long time Indian barber shop at the corner of Chinatown, KL I have seen the iconic 80 year old barber shop featured in tourism guide books, brochures. coffee table photo books and such.

Its visual attraction is the old school facade that is quite quintessential of the remaining and surviving old shops in Kuala Lumpur. I can read the name Trevor off his name tag. Possibly someone from East Malaysia.

Although I have seen the shop for many years, this is the first time I am photographing it as there was a fresh customer standing outside today. I remember the shop had a classic barber’s pole with spiraling red and white stripes at one time. It also had the typical “air conditioned” crowd puller emblazoned on the glass.

Funnily enough, there was a ball of hair below his feet, on the kerb. It looked like drifting tumbleweed similar to those seen in a cowboy movie ghost town. I cropped it out as I wanted the human figure to be tighter, composition wise.

Soldier recruits undergoing training are required to be smartly attired, even when they are painting the town red.

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 200, f5.6, 1/250 sec

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City Crossing

Night Zebra.

Photographed this scene in front of H & M at Avenue K. Somehow, it reminded me of some images I saw in a book at Kinokuniya earlier. The Big Apple of the 60s or 70s; expansive neon lights and brisk walking.

Olympus OM-D, ISO 1600, f4, 1/60 sec.

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