Mee Bandung Muar.

Mee Bandung Muar from Mak Tim

The Muar Mee Bandung at Warong Mak Tim was so authentic, it brought back memories of eating it at famous Abu Bakar Hanipah’s in 70 year old Wah Sun kopitiam in Muar town.

The jolly mamak proprietor was such an intense PR guy he overwhelmed me and my Muar guide, the then local court interpreter Christine Yeow Cher Yuin. Believe me, as a court interpreter, cynical Christine has heard many tall tales and exaggerated claims. LOL.

If you like the thick gravy version from Muar, Mak Tim serves a near similar version. The gravy may not be as thick as Hanipah’s but it was still quite delicious. There are many wannabes all over Malaysia and Mak Tim may be the place to sample it, if you can’t head down to Muar, Johor.

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