The Badass Kong Kong

I love this pic post from my friend Sheril A. Bustamanl ‘s Instagram,
now dated as a memory from 31st July 2014. She’s with her maternal
grandfather; the Badass Kong Kong. Lol! The funny hashtags may suggest
an extreme generation gap but yet there is so much affinity between
the two.

Sheril’s father, Tengku Mohd Ali Bustaman (Pok Ku), and I were fellow
bloggers during its hey days. We became friends at the Commodore Amiga
User Club many years ago.

Kong Kong is grandpa in Chinese dialects.

Happy Raya to the happy family!

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day, today.

Re-posting an image of Bonda Emma in conjunction. She’s the very successful woman lemang entrepreneur, mother and matriarch of a big extended family. Yet she behaves with humility and is down to earth always. She giggled like a bashful teen when she saw me walking in

Original post : Motherly Emma.

Bonda Emma appeared genuinely happy and excited when she saw me walking towards her. I was surprised she didn’t do a double take nor was there delay in recalling or recognising me. She has thousands of repeat customers, after all.

She giggled like a teen and asked me what I like as she will give me a treat. I last met her during Hari Raya and she told me subsequently she will treat me after seeing her lemang pics and the ensuing publicity.

I normally don’t accept free stuff from places I reviewed as a matter of principle and ethics. Nevertheless, receiving lemang as a festive gift is a tradition like how we give lemang to relatives, friends and neighbours during festivals. I accepted it in that spirit.

The Malay word Bonda in her moniker is old world, palace usage and an affectionate term for mother. Bonda Emma may be motherly but she is no ordinary woman. She runs a very big operation with 20 or 30 staff and her turnover is higher than that of many other sole-proprietorships.

I complimented her on being active on Facebook. She comes to like many of my daily posts and not just of those that featured her. She blushed and said it is to kill time after work. She even remembered my recent Penang trip posts.

So much humility and ‘humaness’ from a very successful and busy entrepreneur. Awe and respect.

Behind her in red shirt is the chain-smoking, firestarter. chef and family friend Hamdan who I interviewed during the Hari Raya feature.

When I was leaving and as parting words, Emma told me she will share my upcoming posts when it is published 🙂

To be continued…

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 4000, f4, 1/60 sec.

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IOI City Mall, Putrajaya – Part 3

Tesco installed a bank of self-checkout machines at their hypermarket to reduce queuing. Feeling like a ‘jakun’ (a politically insensitive term) seeing it for the first time. It is like a family attraction as many customers were also fascinated by the novelty. It is a pilot deployment and the first by a major retailer in Malaysia.

Where is IOI City Mall? See MyCen Maps

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 200, f3.5, 1/60 sec.

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Buka Puasa At KLCC Park

Since I was at the Petronas Twin Towers, I went for a walk at KLCC Park after I finished my business. Wonderful to be able to enjoy the sunset and changing hues of the sky.

On the way back, I stumbled upon a Malay family breaking fast at one corner of the park.

Naturally, I asked permission to photograph them. I explained that it is a rare and blessed moment to have culture, architecture and a dusk sky so beautifully juxtaposed. The Azri Family graciously agreed.

Not only that, they kept insisting I join them by offering me whatever food they brought along. I am truly touched by their generosity, hospitality and friendship towards a stranger (and fellow Malaysian).

Am also glad I was successful in capturing them as they really were: humble, jovial and very warm people.

We chatted and Mrs Azri said they are looking forward to go back to their kampung in Rembau for the holiday. There’ll be prayers in the morning followed by a big feast on the first day of Raya.

Here’s wishing the Azri family and everyone a safe drive home and Selamat Hari Raya.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 1600, f5.6, 1/60 sec with Sony HVL-F60M fill flash.

Family Business

At the Slim River market, Sabri the grocery shop owner, is doing his accounts. His daughter Mina, 5, is doing her kindergarten homework alongside him.

I wanted to capture a candid of both concentrating on their respective work but the kid does what she does best upon seeing a camera. Automatically pose without prompt. What a sweet smile.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 100, f8, 1/100 sec.