Almost Hunky Dory

When I created the food photography page, I was looking for a means to upload 130 pics to a sample gallery. One can upload a directory as an album, I discovered. Surprisingly, it was quite fast with Unifi. I compiled selected pics into a directory in advance.

All was hunky-dory, Then my problem started, I needed to go back to each picture to write a description of the pic. Took a while and I think I finished 90 per cent of the pics. Main problem was I have forgotten what or where they were captured. Yes, there was a dory fish. Needed to search for the original posts but here we are:

Click on Photo on the sidebar there to see all samples:

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Food Photography Services by TV Smith Malaysia

I stared a new Facebook Page at:

Titled: Food Photography Services by TV Smith

Customers can call or message +6012 3368360 or e-mail

Please visit and like the new page. I have uploaded more than a
hundred food pics to the gallery/sample album.

Food photography has come a long way. I am planning to provide a
commercial service because I found many restaurants making
unauthorised use of the pics I published to use at their eateries.
Sometimes, they are not even the originating restaurant but it was
because they sell the same food. Haha.

I intend to provide an affordable service for restaurants requiring
good food pics for their menus, posters or light boxes. I said it has
come a long way because I can do the photography in situ (on location)
now because of new technology such as better cameras and lighting

No closing of your restaurant is required, or transporting of chefs,
cutlery and ingredients to a studio is necessary. Neither is expensive
and messy food styling required.

I believe in a holistic and natural approach without deceptive styling
or faking the dish so your customers get what they see. Nevertheless,
I will still give you tips on how to cook or garnish it better when

Research has shown that a menu with attractive pictures increases
sales by many folds. People who came to drink or accompany friends,
might also order food when they see delicious food pics.

I can also put you to good graphic artists for design, printing and
photo printing and enlargement services, With more than two decades of
shooting experience,I am confident I can tackle any food and make it
look good. See samples in the gallery album. I have yet to add
descriptions for each featured dish and it will take a while. I
uploaded an entire album. Warning: don’t look at it when you are

Even if you don’t own or manage a restaurant, please introduce me to
friends who do. Can also be a friend intending to publish a cook or
recipe book. Thank you for your support.

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The Shadow Of Your Smile

On that sunny day, I thought I saw the shadow of a giant Christmas tree appearing on the wall of the Selangor Dredging building. It was the shadow of one of the adjacent Twin Towers. The smiling sun put up her own Christmas decor, albeit for a brief moment.

Olympus E-3, ISO 100, f7.1, 1/400 sec.

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Burping All The Way To Timbaktu

At the small town of Simpang Pertang in Negeri Sembilan. The junction town leads to either Titi or Simpang Durian. The latter is a small town that bears the last signs of civilization before a long, lonely drive to Karak in Pahang. The deserted road is rarely used unless Karak Highway is cut off by a major accident or landslide.

Pleasantly surprised to to find out I have a friend originating from the pit stop town of Simpang Durian. It is the frontier town before heading to remote Telemong or Malaysia’s own Timbaktu.

Stopped to drink at a roadside stall operated by a Malay village girl in Simpang Pertang. If you have been to a remote village grocer inside big rubber plantations or FELDA settlements, you would have tried the strange sodas available only in rural areas.

You know they are made in some backyard factories somewhere and contain generous colourings. Always suspect they use recycled soy sauce (kicap) bottles. Yet, they are awesome thirst quenchers under the hot sun.

I love the sarsaparilla and orange flavours because they are super gassy and the caustic soda tickles your throat violently. I burped repeatedly on the way to Timbuktu and that is what a good road trip is about.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 100, f6.3, 1/640 sec.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival Procession In Jinjang – Part 6

For a moment, I thought it was my friend Emily Lowe. The Ipoh journalist and Ipoh-centric blogger is also the webmaster of the Nine Empeor Gods’ Kew Ong Tai Tay Temple in Ipoh.

Jeez! What are the requirements for a webmaster these days? As it turned out, it wasn’t Emily for she is fearful of a pin prick.

Funny thing is that I was playing with her metal spike laid out on a table earlier. Surprised they didn’t do any form of sterilization except to pour liberal doses of cold water when the spikes, knives and spears are inserted into the cheek. Anybody knows why cold water is used, except maybe to numb the skin?

The original Ampang Temple is like a modern day Mega Church. Apart from donations and other forms of temple tax, everything from parking to hawker space is monetized.

I have been writing about this unusual mix of religion and commerce for years. Their mega success in becoming a mega cash cow inspired many similarly-themed temples in many other towns and areas.

Think of the original temple as the popular Line Clear and Nasi Vanggey nasi kandar restauants. They spawned many unofficial and unsanctioned outlets elsewhere, all hoping to cash in.

It is not an easy act to follow though. The Ampang temple plough back some of their revenue into charitable acts such as a public kidney dialysis centre, old folk homes and donations to schools.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 2500, f4, 1/80 sec.