Lovely Tariker.

Lovely Tariker.

Back at F&N Teh Tarik Mega 2017, members of the public and shoppers at Mydin USJ Mall were invited to play an obstacle challenge course, that included balancing some things on the head and to make tea the tarik way, while running. Photograph by Maria Bernadette.

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I Met The Teh Tarik Poster Boy Called Hang Tarik

I Met The Teh Tarik Poster Boy Called Hang Tarik.

F&N Beverages Marketing launched the F&N Teh Tarik Mega 2017 event at Mydin Hypermart USJ yesterday.

On hand was Radhi Khalid, aka Hang Tarik F&N. He demonstrated his skills in making the frothy or pulled tea while performing Malay martial arts or silat, and dancing to traditional Hari Raya tunes.

The tea is a unique Malaysian concoction where it is a popular drink at roadside tea stalls. A cultural icon in many ways.

The pulling is the mixing from two containers to mix the milk and tea well and also to cool the brew, and to make it frothy. It is the showmanship element in dragging a long stream of tea between two vessels that made it appealing and legendary.

According to Hang Tarik, who is also the brand ambassador, the secret to a perfect cuppa is to ‘kahwin’ or marry F&N’s Sweetened Condensed Milk with F&N’s Evaporated Milk.

I had one iced version served there, made with F&N’s Evaporated Milk and I loved it very much as It is less sweet. Will try this at home.

Pic of Hang Tarik pulling hot milk tea pulled from publicity posters.

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