Into A Top Secret Military Operation

After all, the building was rickety and at the verge of collapse. LOL. Inside, I was surprised to see her using big stainless steel steamers, shiny new stainless steel containers and even a conveyor belt system for automation. A crew of Indonesian women were deployed and they worked with military precision. Wow. Looks from outside can be deceiving. Mei Ling, an auditor by profession, scolded me for being naive. Surely they make money, she noted.

Now I am wondering if Teluk Intan had some techno clubs that justified such late closing hours (until morning). I like techno music but hate the loss of neck control induced by the pills. This was nine years ago when ‘feng thou’ clubs dominated many Chinese communities.

We were late because we spent the whole night looking for an elusive hotel room. There was a Hindu Festival the next day and every hotel in town was booked. Saw a sign advertising ‘Homestay’ hanging by the roadside and decided to call the number out of desperation. It was already 4am.

A lady came on a motorcycle and led u to a corner terrace house somewhere. Paid her, she handed over the keys and whispered where the towels were hidden. This was my first experience with the weird and bizarre world of independent Homestay.

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Nasi Lemak At Hotel Farm Ville

One more from Farm Ville Homestay in Sekinchan the other day. Nasi Lemak from Farm Ville’s cosy cafe in a metal shipping container. Everything including rooms and toilets are in a metal container. Was cooling during the rainy weather. Not sure if the air conditioners can keep up during hot days.

Rice is presumably from the touristy Sekinchan Rice Factory nearby.

I have included the two ladies (local paddy farmers’ daughters) at the back to show it is not the deserted Hotel California it appeared to be and also to show the casual atmosphere (eg; her leg on table). You can make food shots atmospheric by including elements of the surrounding environment to tell a story.

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 250, f4, 1/320 sec.

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