K Pop – Watermelon Ice Cream On A Stick

A watermelon on a stick ice cream was surprisingly satisfying. Was with Korean food and Korean pop culture enthusiast Zyneste who introduced me to some funky Korean ramen from the Asian supermarket too. I bought a can of Haitai Bon Bon Grape juice too. Quite nice all.

Hot Day At Little Korea On This Day Two Years Ago

I like the many Korean grocers at Little Korea, Ampang. Everything on a product’s packaging is in Korean. The few things I can make out visually is the graphic on the wrapper of this watermelon popsicle.

Taste great, especially on a hot day, and the melon seeds are actually chocolate chips. I like the limey green part more, though.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 50, f1.8, 1/160 sec.

#littlekorea #streetphotography #icecream #popsicle #watermelon #korean #sonyalpha #a7r #zeiss

#kpop #watermelon #icecream #korean #tbt

Slow Down: Kids Crossing

The door-to-door ice cream man brings much joy to the children of a village in Ulu Yam. I stopped him to buy and to chat.

It made me feel silly and guilty at the same time. Silly, having had a so-called artisan elderflower-flavoured ‘ais krim potong’ (tube popsicle) for RM 8 ++ at a hipster mall with absurd parking. Guilty, because I am paying less than a ringgit for an equally tasty Wall’s Solero (imitation) here.

Of course, one can argue that many top malls charge RM15K or more for monthly rental of a cart or kiosk. For this mobile ice cream man, his overheads are petrol, dry ice and sweat. Speaking of petrol, I spent less on petrol getting here than for parking at some malls in the city.

Sucking a popsicle, hearing the breeze flapping the leaves of a banana tree. That’s life.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 100, 4.5, 1/800 sec.