More Batu Pahat

More esoteric pics of Batu Pahat by Dr Lowkp Pakar Sakit Puan, obstetrician and gynecologist at the New Putra Specialist Hospital in Batu Pahat. Batu Pahat or BP is a nice mixture of heritage buildings and country lifestyle. Dr Lowkp Pakar Sakit Puan is at on Fb.

1, Doc doing yoga with a dinosaur at Taman Rekreasi Tasik Y Batu Pahat.
2. Surau Arab which he described as the shophouse mosque.
3. Ancient door at old shophouse in town.
4. Boat docking bay at Pantai Teluk Wawasan fishing village
5. Crystal Temple in Pantai Minyak Beku. Sea Dragon God deity.

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Our Own Countryside at Janda Baik

Our Own Countryside at Janda Baik.

As I looked at the rural landscape of Glastonbury, I started to miss our own rural landscape. At a village in Janda Baik, I saw a group of ‘rain walkers’ walking hurriedly with heavy rain from the mountains bearing down on them. They walked through rivers. orchards, fruit trees, flowers, rivers, goats, cattle and kampung houses. A beautiful landscape we take for granted.

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Glastonbury And The English Countryside

Glastonbury And The English Countryside.

As I was saying, so much attention is focused on the Glastonbury Music Festival, few people know about the beautiful. peaceful rural English countryside of Somerset.
Many will go there in camper vans or pitch tents on the dedicated camping grounds.

There was a report saying first time goer VIP Johnny Depp will be pitching his own tent. No muddy grounds this year presumably since there is a heatwave in Britain now.
For confirmed artist lineup and playlist, see the official website of the Gastonbury Festival: Tickets are all sold out.

Glastonbury town has so many rustic cottages, Edwardian guesthouses and bed n breakfast places tucked in natural surroundings like lakes and gardens.

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Travel Partners Make Or Break Your Travel

At Tanjung Sepat, I wanted to get shots of fishing nets and related paraphernalia since we were in a fishing town. Alex Wong MF, my helper and driver for that day was extremely accommodating in his willingness to help me get to places we both weren’t familiar.

Can’t stress enough of the importance of a travel partner who share the same vision and who is understanding and flexible. Am grateful for the shots I got and can’t thank this kind, generous and patient man enough.

We found a house which we think was manufacturing fish traps or cages. I told Alex I needed to get the dilapidated house behind and Alex understood my intention.

As with any travel, don’t be too serious about everything. Keep it light hearted and fun. Both are seeing things never before experienced when exploring a new place.

Travel is about observing and noting things together for impromptu discussions.

For example; we laughed when we saw a new housing estate there. Every Chinese house had a massive, shiny stainless steel gate and a pair of stainless water tanks on the roof. A sign of the new rich or a status symbol, perhaps.

In the 80s and before, Chinese families aspired to migrate to Australia when they became rich. Now it is a fetish like passion for acquiring stainless steel or chrome ornaments.

If you think you may also be a suitable adventure or roadtrip mate and would like to learn more about photography or to have a few chuckles together at the same time, please contact me.

Thanks, Alex for making it a fun, productive and memorable trip

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Drive By Shooting

I don’t know what was going on. A senior citizen was arranging some old newspapers outside her house in a village in Sekinchan paddy land. I was a passenger in a car and I shot with the window rolled down.

You can take preemptive actions such as upping the shutter speed and deciding how you want to frame it before the car approaches. I kept one finger on the exposure compensation dial as I was thinking her silver hair might be problematic. It wasn’t in the end as the camera’s dynamic range contained it.

While anticipation is good, I didn’t expect her to lift up the broadsheet to conceal herself at the critical moment. I cued driver and friend Daniel Tang to look at my LCD screen so he can adjust or pace the car’s speed accordingly. Takes practice but I have been on many trips with him in the past.

I chose a black and white rendition as the vegetable patch was overwhelmingly green. Black and white also gives street photography the raw and gritty look befitting the subject.

Panasonic GM-1, ISO 200, f10, 1/320 sec.

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