A Rose By Any Other Name Would Taste As Sweet.

At Warong Mak Tim, I ordered a carbonised rose syrup (with soda) and shaved ice after finishing my first drink of Muar iced black coffee. The rose drink wasn’t fizzy enough, so I ordered another with regular ice cubes. Elizabeth thought I drink too much, when I had another drink (fruit juice) as after meal drink elsewhere. Heh.

The resident cat in the background can be seen in a standalone pic in Eli’s Fb.

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Ribena Longan

That great Malaysian invention or concoction of Ribena blackcurrant cordial and canned longans. Some places add soda or use canned lychees instead. Next to it, is another Malaysian favourite; Milo Ice.

William’s Corner, Kelana Jaya.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 200, f4, 1/400 sec.