Protection Of Mother

“What did you just say to my mom?” The wide eyed, startled and angry kid seemed to be asking me.

Me: “Told her she’s really beautiful and have very nice features like that of a Bollywood star”.

I wished I could tell her that but I don’t think she’ll understand me.

I must brush up on my geography, too. When I asked her which town she comes from in Myanmar, I couldn’t figure out what she said and spelt. Not her fault. I’ll carry a paper map of Myanmar next time.

She nodded her head and smiled when I asked if she is Muslim. There are 136 ethnic groups in Myanmar. 135 now according to The Lady..

Photography Notes: This shot works because I got down to their eye level by squatting too. That probably startled the kid. Lol.

I would have allowed more headroom for the mother but didn’t think the kid will repeat the reaction. So I reacted and clicked before I could properly compose.

Also, the scene will look bad if it was taken from a standing position, looking down.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, especially to the many SINGLE MOTHERS, who raised her children single-handedly under very hard circumstances. It is hard for a nomadic refugee.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 2500, f11, 1/200 sec.

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Al Fresco Dining At Jonker Walk

The curry or laksa mee street food hawker at the connecting road to Jalan Tokong from Jonker Street. So awesome to be at so close to a tokong or Chinese temple built in 1645.

I always request for extra toppings of “tau pok” or tofu or fried soy bean curd puffs when eating curry noodles soup. It is always nice when the tofu puffs soak up the santan soup or gravy and become softly bloated. A sign at the stall proclaimed the dish as “Laksa Mee Hee Kiow Mee”. Hee Kiow might possibly be Fish Mix in Hokkien.

If you want a total heritage immersion in the UNESCO World Heritage City, I recommend staying at the heritage Hotel Puri, which is a short walk from here. Booking link also shown here: Colours Of Yonker.

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The Junkyard Dog Sleeps Tonight

Scrap collectors hauled in a discarded mattress or two. The faithful junkyard dog finds a comfy spot different from the usual rusted metal, cardboard and other junk.

Saw this dog during my exploration of Hulu Bernam area recently. The junkyard dog is a popular movie trope often used to set up a scene with impending sinister activity or hostility.

For all its movie reputation of aggressiveness and alertness, it possesses a less-recognised attribute in real-life. Unconditional loyalty to owners who provide scant creature comforts.

Olympus OM-D, ISO 200, f5.6, 1/160 sec.

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Colours Of Yonker

Colours Of Yonker.

While searching for images to illustrate the recent feature on Hotel Puri Melaka, I found a forgotten folder. It contains street photography (my favourite genre) images photographed in famous Jonker Street in Melaka. On that bazaar and ancient street, there are so many hidden nooks and crannies with delightful and very colourful subjects and backgrounds.

For street work, bring a pretty friend to act as a model so she can add life to still life subjects. Instruct or direct her clearly as how you want her to react. The model was the former Pin Pin or Alice Pèilíng. Haven’t seen her around much lately as she claimed her FB account was hacked and recently recovered. (also @anyotheralice on IG).

I always pronounce Jonker as Yonker since it of Dutch origin and it is how the Dutch say it. The Dutch ruled Malacca or Melaka for almost 183 years. If you are looking for a hotel in Melaka, see here for links to heritage Hotel Puri and over 490 hotels in the historical city.

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Nasi Padang in Jakarta

Nasi Padang in Jakarta was scary. Wanted to buy my local driver dinner since it was my last day. It was just me and him (seen here in blue) and the restaurant brought out enough dishes to feed a village. Was relieved they only charge for plates that were partially consumed or touched.

Nasi Padang gets its name from the West Sumatran town of Padang, famous for the culinary rice dish or buffet. Turned out to be an awesome experience.

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