Finding Jarnail Singh In Perth

Finding Jarnail Singh In Perth

Finding Jarnail Singh In Perth

Searching for an old long lost friend is incredibly frustrating. A million similar names turned up. It’s a jungle out there. Finally found an unexpected break but may NEED YOUR HELP.

Anybody with a Linkin account? I dont have a Linkin account and I dont understand how it works. I was searching for an old college mate who migrated to Australia. Searched on Google and found him on Linkin. Saw his picture and he has aged as all humans do. But I can recognise him. There are some clues in his resume that suggest he might be the same person.

Last I met Jarnail Singh was when he was known as George and was a hotel management student in Chur, Switzerland in the 1980s. During our last online contact he told me he switched career to become a server admin and migrated to Australia. Before G-mail, every precious mail on Outlook was lost. Sadly

If you have a Linkin account maybe you can message him? All I need you to do, is for you to contact him and asked if he was from Ipoh and studied in Switzerland and was George then.

As I recall, he was a bit sensitive about his childhood name after settling in Australia and disowned it. Maybe is a “born again Sikh” thing? Nobody knows him by George anymore, he told me by our last email. Then, please tell him politely that his old freind TV Smith in KL is longing to contact him. Please contact me at or by Facebook, if he has one. I am excited by the development and prospect. Thank you so much to anyone helping.

The Linkin link is

Update: Kind friends, please update me if you made contact so he doesn’t get spammed repeatedly. Rian Maelzer. I now you are proficient with finding people through Linkin. Maybe you can help or guide me?

1st picture is of me and George drinking in Switzerland.

2nd pic. Crazy George calling home to Ipoh in winter and was in a sarong after we drove to Austria looking for drinks after midnight.

3rd pic is his current profile pic in Linkin.

George, George, George of the jungle
Lives a life that’s free
Watch out for that tree!

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