Learning Human Reproduction In Vietnam

I took a random tricycle bike tour of Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City at one time. At one street, I saw the strangest sight. I asked my cyclo (trishaw) driver who are all these people sitting by the roadside, all with a single, shiny VCD disc at their feet?

Selling “Human Reproduction Videos”, he explained, perhaps embarrassed.

I told him we buy human reproduction videos at night markets back home. They have catalogs. Also we are more practical, we just call them blue or sum kap, I mumbled to myself, not sure if he can hear me through the traffic din.

Boss, can we pull over and see if they have classic human reproduction titles like Debbie Does Dallas, Deep Throat, Devil In Miss Jones, Buttman’s European Vacation and those movie parodies like Saving Ryan’s Privates, Pulp Friction, Good Will Humping and Tiger’s Wood? They were all VHS titles and are collector’s items now. Cyclo man: VHS?! Your country not very advance(d).

Technology allows newer discs to leapfrogged old technology such as VHS and Betamax tapes from an era when women will claim the “story” in adult titles is essential. The practical guys just want to fast forward to the action.

Similarly, many developing countries such as some in Indo China never experienced land lines as mobile or wireless networks leap frogged connectivity without the massive cost and time needed to wire a nation.

My budget hotel in Saigon had a desk with a PC and LCD monitor setup in ever room. They were more advanced. So much trouble just to get free wi-fi in any hotel those days.

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