When You Need Solid Help

Wen Dee was saying there should be drive-through ATMs. I remember seeing it in tiny Bekok town where motorcyclists withdrew money without dismounting. In searching for the pic, I found this pic from the 2009 Rainfoerst Challenge at the Selai National Park, part of the Endau Rompin National Park in Johor, it is a beautiful and rarely seen view of the park.

Bekok is the frontier town and western entrance. Participants from the various counties drive out of the rainforest during their “break days” to get supplies. The Chinese medicine shop was like a convenience shop. I wrote this:

The nearest town is sleepy Bekok, about 27 km from the entry to the park. It is the ‘frontier town’ and the only place nearby to look for the fabled Chi Kit pills when you have acute diarrhea. The popular local medicine is so effective than an overdose may lead to weeks of constipation. It must be a truly once-in-a lifetime and bizarre experience for the local grocers to have a Siberian./ Russian pulling up suddenly in a Russian-registered vehicle looking for Pil Chi Kit Teck Aun.

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