Muar, so far, is the top city in terms of domestic bookings at MyCen Hotels. The royal town of Johor is cozy, charming and has plenty of great food. Muar now has at least 3 new boutique hotels and many other hotels and homestay places. Find one here:

1. Muo Boutique Hotel
2. Bei Boutique Hotel
3. Ikan Asam Pedas at Parit Jawa
4. Satay for breakfast in Muar town.
5. Chinese kopitiam with Malay food.
6. Famous Sai Kee or Cap Gajah 434 Coffee of Muar
7. At Sri Murugan Hindu Temple, bell ringer Mr Chandra had just cut some coconuts.
8. Muar’s superb prawn otak otak (grilled fish custard. This was prawn.

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