The Ghost Of Old Malaya

A semi-rusted town bus in what could be a bus graveyard in tiny Renggam town. Inspired by the earlier post about urban sketchers, I decided to run this small town image through some art and paint filters.

I am disturbed by the appearance of the face of a woman wearing a white tudung on the wet asphalt on the bottom of pic. Do you see it?

Curiously, the Renggam Bus Company spelled it as Rengam (with one R) on the bus body. The company was registered in 1959 and its buses were adorned with the the colour splash of its era. See my earlier posts on my visit to #renggam and #simpangrenggam.

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Renggam: The Time Travel Town

I like exploring small towns. From Simpang Renggam town where I was staying, I drove to Renggam town which was even smaller. It is located between Kluang and Layang Layang on the secondary inner back roads of Southern Johor.

Many parts of the tiny town are preserved in its original form, untouched by development. The facade of the Hainanese Association is pristine and beautiful. It was like stepping into a time travel machine.

Simpang Renggam was on the busy trunk road to Singapore but it was eventually bypassed by the North South Highway. Renggam is still a railway town. See my earlier post on SR Inn as a decent accommodation option.

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SR Inn, Simpang Renggam

Now to introduce a local small town hotel. I had a photography assignment in tiny Simpang Renggam town in Johor at one time and I stayed at a small budget hotel. The town is as small as one can get.

The other alternative was to stay in Kluang and take a daily half hour drive each way. It is not the only act in town but I am happy with SR Inn for several reasons. It is centrally located in the middle of town though don’t expect any action or entertainment after 8pm.

The biggest attraction, for me, was the hotel is next to a coffee shop that sells Chinese lontong and porridge in the morning. While the hotel included some rudimentary breakfast in the lobby, I liked the convenient eatery next door.

Other nice thing was they gave me and crew rooms on the ground floor so we needn’t lug our camera and lighting gear up and down a staircase. More for safety of the equipment at night as it was street parking with no guards.

Rooms were clean, with reliable air conditioning and hot water supply. Am surprised to see the tariffs are now cheaper than the walk in rates I paid. The take away is one should book rooms online and it may be cheaper.

Thousands of small town hotels can be found online if you search at MyCen Hotels. Better start booking now if you are going back to your hometown this coming Hari Raya festival. Many families are planning to stay in hotels because their pampered urban kids can’t sleep without air conditioning and in granny’s mosquito nets or to bath without hot water showers.

Link to SR Inn Booking Page: