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Since my hospitalization last year, I have been trying to develop a new revenue stream to be financially independent. Getting revenue from usual source is a struggle and that was why you saw me pleading for help for me and my cats. Many kind and generous people did help and I appreciate it greatly.

Many photography related websites rely on an affiliate partnership with an online camera store located in the US. It will be tough as our currency’s value is diminishing and the shipping costs from the US are astronomical.

I thought about it and think a hotel and accommodation booking partnership may be better.

Everyone seems to travel nowadays. I recently signed up as an affiliate partner with Agoda since I have so much travel and geographical related content on the web. If you travel, be it for business or leisure. you will usually need to book a hotel in advance. I know many of you travel regularly both for business and leisure.

Be it a weekend trip to Penang, a trip to Nepal or Japan or even a trip to London or Paris. Last I checked. Agoda has over 500,525 hotels that are located in every corner of the world.

I have used them myself when I traveled preciously. It is reliable, is competitively priced and used by millions.

No matter where you are going, why not help me out at the same time by booking through the Agoda links at my page.

No obligations and I will get a small commission and it won’t affect your rate. You probably might get a cheaper price because of ongoing promotions. I won’t know who booked what and where. I won’t have my commission registered until you checked out. It will be nice if you let me know you did but it is completely optional and all up to you.

Thank you for your support and for helping out. Bookmark or save the link or this post or if you lose the link, please PM me to ask.

If you forget the url you can go to and find the link on the sidebar of any page there. You can book from anywhere in the world to anywhere, as long as you have a valid credit or debit card.

It is my first time trying out such a venture and may not have the answers to all your questions. Feel free to ask me and I will direct your questions to Agoda if necessary.

I am still learning the ropes and will improve its implementation where possible.

Wish me luck and thank you for your support. I am kicking off this announcement with a suggestion to book Avani Goldcoast Sepang since I was featuring the gold coast in recent days.

Here is also a dedicated page where you can book or see the location of Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort. Didn’t realise it looks so beautiful on a map too:

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