People Were Shit Poor

When my friend Jacy Ong posted a meme that said “You Never Appreciate What You Have Till It’s Gone” – “Toilet Paper Is A Good Example” I posted a reply suggesting she rub her butt against the wall tiles. Or get a hungry dog to lick her ass clean. Jacy took it quite well and said she believed those were the days.

The rubbing part may explain why we always see brownish stains on our public toilet walls. Haha. Water is not always available. May be gross, but the dog part may not be as facetious or ludicrous as you might think.

My late grandmother told me people in poverty stricken villages in China will summon the pet dog to clean up after doing their business. The hungry dog will do its duty happily as it was also a compete meal. Nutritious meal, I suppose. :-p

Water was also a luxury as it needed fetching from deep wells. People were that poor, lest we forget and buy ridiculous stuff like scented toilet paper today. Always good to have a magazine or newspaper rack in your toilet for emergencies. Be aware that normal paper will clog your plumbing. Don’t deploy your dog as they might lick your face or mouth with gratitude after cleaning your ass. And don’t get me started on how the poor villagers may have dealt with those menstruation sniffing dogs.

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Picture of Mutt Rempit photographed in Sekinchan.

Animals At KLPAC

Animals At KLPAC.

If you see the previous tagged Facebook post by former The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) staffer PuiSee Chu and wonder why there are rescued and fostered puppies in the building, there is a reason.

Bosses Faridah Merican and Joe Hasham are animal lovers themselves. I know because I spoke to Faridah about stray dogs before.

They tolerate and encourage their staff to be kind to animals. This is a good reflection of the organisation and something other corporations should emulate.

Pic of Pui See and Faridah with resident cat Mr Noisy.

The Dog And The Sea

They always have a stray dog population that is out of control. Whether it is Pulau Ketam or Sungai Besar or here in Pantai Redang in Sekinchan.

Fishermen feed stray dogs with raw fish when the boats come in. The wharf area attracts so many mangy dogs. It is heartbreaking to see them. They are silent victims.

With Sekinchan becoming an affluent area, I hope some of the rich and educated locals will come back to start a shelter and NGO to educate the fishermen on responsible animal ownership or to take care of sick ones and to provide spaying and neutering. The vicious cycle can end.

Panasonc Lumix GM-1, ISO 200, f16, 1/320 sec.

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