Then And Now – Looking Thru The Time Tunnel

Then And Now – Looking Thru The Time Tunnel.

The Sekinchan Nine Emperor Gods Temple is a good place to juxtapose or frame the vast paddy fields. It sits in the middle of he farm land. The ornamental windows on the perimeter wall fence provided a flash back to 2012. I captured the green paddy fields behind one of the windows back in 2012. Now in 2017, during the monsoon season, the fields are submerged in a sea of flood waters.

If you are attempting a visual comparison such as this, do not pull your hair out in frustration; if the two images don’t line up or match perfectly and there are reasons. The wall and windows were painted over and the paint may be of different pigments and hues.

Also the structure may have changed shape in the heat, over the years. Don’t forget the camera, sensor and lens are different and the rendition will be different. Amazingly, both cameras picked identical exposure settings in auto metering.

Upper: Olympus OM-D EM-5, ISO 200, f 10, 1/320 sec Year 2012

Lower: Panasonic Lumix GM-1. ISO 200, f10, 1/320 sec Year 2017

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Memories Of Sweet Sekinchan

On the top of the montage is a picture I think I took in the summer of 2012. Green green grass, sunshine, blue sky and fluffy clouds. On the bottom is the shocking view from yesterday after monsoonal rain. The beleaguered tree has what looked like pomelo fruits growing out of it.

Olympus OMD for Green Green Grass Of Home
Asus ZenFone 3 for Flooded Rice Fields

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Flooded Sekinchan

Prolonged rainfall last night turned the flooded rice fields into a landscape resembling that of a sea. I asked a farmer if the planted paddy crop will be affected. He thinks not as lowland paddy can survive waterlogged conditions.

The distant building is a ,”bird hotel”. Farmers and land owners supplement their income by harvesting the nests of swifts.

Asus ZenFone 3 image.

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Finding Food

People caught without food were spared from looking at the lavish and sumptuous meals posted continuously by some unaffected west coast Instagrammers.

In my years of covering the monsoonal floods, I have come to admire how resilient the kampung folk are. They are used to the annual calamity and they adapt as best as they can.

In the countryside, those who are skilled at cast net fishing can find food in the flood waters outside their kampung house. This man told me I should have come a day earlier to see him catch a tilapia as long as his outstretched arms. I doubt it was the usual angler’s exaggeration. He said it can feed a hungry family.

Others wait for supplies or are fed where they are temporary housed at relief centers. Salute to the aid workers, uniformed personnel, volunteers and everybody in the chain for providing help to the affected. I brought my own Penang White Curry Mee instant ramen; the hipster fad or flavour of 2014.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 400, f4, 1/1000 sec.

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Watching Wet Soda Dry

An Indian grocery shop man drying goods that are salvageable. Most of the other goods inside the shop are permanently damaged.

Gotta love Temerloh people. Everywhere I go, from flooded villages to the suburbs to town, I am greeted with a warm smile. Not to make less of their sufferings but I think they are such resilient people. Exuding sunshine under the dark clouds.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 200, f4, 1/400 sec.

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