Older Younger Pics

  1. Found an old and younger pic of Patrick Teoh, I think Christine,
    Janice Lim and me. Jeez, My hair was so long in those days!

2. Anybody knows who she is and where is she now? I remember her as
Hani the blogger and actress. I know it must be after year 2000 as I
returned from Hanoi with that T-shirt in early 2000. Year, according
to Cheah E-Ling who traveled with me there for work

Sad that we both lost all the pics. Shit happens. I miss the pics of
Củ Chi Tunnels and the rat hunting dog in the paddy fields. His owner
would smoke the tall grass and the dog will leap in, dissappear. and
return with a rat in mouth. High risk job as there were still remnants
of Agent Orange.

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The Old Jetty In Tanjung Sepat, 10 Years Ago

Love the power of social media networking. My long time Instagram follower @jaschintaz sent me an old pic of her wedding day at the old jetty in Tanjung Sepat, 10 years ago! What a sweet couple, weren’t they? Her husband CS is a native of the town. If you remember, I mentioned that the old jetty collapsed. See how charming the old jetty was albeit being quite rickety then. Thanks Jas for sharing. Now my story about the new and old jetties is complete. See my earlier post about the new jetty titled “Time And Tide Wait For No Man Or Woman”.

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A Malaysian Valentine

RAM Lasts Longer Than Roses.

Wow! I found a Valentine’s article written on my blog 12 years ago. Suanie T is till blogging, I think. The pub Skin’s place is no more.

by TV Smith

Suanie and I were sipping our 46th beer, blowing smoke rings and popping murukku into each other’s mouth when I suddenly turned slushy mushy.

In a bout of barley malt induced insanity, I asked her the risk-laden question: “What colour roses do you like?” She blew a heart-shaped smoke ring and whispered oh so sweetly, “I rather you buy me RAM…”

Prophetically enough, a Japanese company is now selling heart-embossed memory chips for Valentine’s Day. Yeah, she’s geeky and charming, (almost) always logical and practical but 512MB of DDR RAM still costs RM 500, unwrapped.

It got me thinking, are there Valentine’s gifts other than expensive flowers, dinners and computer parts?

Happy VD friends, bloggers and readers.

Then And Now – Looking Thru The Time Tunnel

Then And Now – Looking Thru The Time Tunnel.

The Sekinchan Nine Emperor Gods Temple is a good place to juxtapose or frame the vast paddy fields. It sits in the middle of he farm land. The ornamental windows on the perimeter wall fence provided a flash back to 2012. I captured the green paddy fields behind one of the windows back in 2012. Now in 2017, during the monsoon season, the fields are submerged in a sea of flood waters.

If you are attempting a visual comparison such as this, do not pull your hair out in frustration; if the two images don’t line up or match perfectly and there are reasons. The wall and windows were painted over and the paint may be of different pigments and hues.

Also the structure may have changed shape in the heat, over the years. Don’t forget the camera, sensor and lens are different and the rendition will be different. Amazingly, both cameras picked identical exposure settings in auto metering.

Upper: Olympus OM-D EM-5, ISO 200, f 10, 1/320 sec Year 2012

Lower: Panasonic Lumix GM-1. ISO 200, f10, 1/320 sec Year 2017

This post and pic is available as a bigger pic at www.tvsmith.my

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The Filo

Pronounced as File-loh, it was short for Filofax, it was a leather bound personal organiser with ring binders where you can add pages as refills. That was the business model. It was like the forerunner of Facebook. Functioning as a diary, everything from birthdays, contacts and business plans were recorded on it.

People were lost like zombies when they misplaced their Filo. Who are they going to call on the showy tiny flip phone that was the Ericsson T28. Who can also remember a brand called OKI?

If you are too young to know, the yuppie was the guy who rolled up his sleeves to below the elbow when they go to a pub for happy hours. The knot of the tie was also loosened in a specific style as a fashion statement.

Their most irritating habit was their penchant to do ‘air golf swings’ at pubs or any open space. A Tag Heuer was their dream possession. Maybe that was why they rolled their sleeves higher, One yuppie told me he saw it on LA Law.

The Filo and the yuppie are now extinct, thankfully.

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