Sun, Moon And A Star

Selamat Hari Raya.

Warmest wishes to Muslim friends and followers in Malaysia and from around the world celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr.

Sunset photographed at a mosque in Gombak yesterday.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 50, f22, 1/8000 sec.

The Magnetic Draw Of Electricity Pylons

What is it about a pylon that attracts people with cameras? Is it the intricate patterns formed by the tower and high-voltage cables? Or is it the silhouettes that form in front of the sun? There is even a Pylon Appreciation Society.

As for me, I like the stringed glass insulators light up from from behind by the sun, as seen in this picture.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 50, f16, 1/2500 sec.

Egg Yolk Sunset

I saw a lovely setting sun in the mirror while stuck in a horrendous traffic jam today. Decided to shoot through the wing mirror while waiting at the lights.

Deliberate under-exposure kept the bright sun in check. That, plus factors such as micro-vibrations and dust on an already optically-imperfect mirror created some funky effects.

I like the surreal effect in which different shades of red and orange dominate; that of the sun, the street lights and tail lights of cars going in the opposite direction.

Many Cantonese-speaking photographers refer to such a sunset as “kai tan wong” or egg yolk.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 100, f4, 1/1250 sec.