Lee Jetty Sunrise

Lee Jetty Sunrise

She saw the sunrise rising in Penang and chased after it, ending up at Lee Jetty at around 7:15 am. The takeaway is scenic or beautiful scenes can be found at your own backyard, if you care to see it. You don’t need to go to Mauritius 🙂

Important to note that she kept the horizon or sea level. A slanting sea from careless framing can ruin a nice seaside shot.

I used the free Nik Collection suite that included HDR Efex Pro2. I think Nik’s mobile Snapseed will be able to accomplish the same with its Drama filter. Making the rain clouds visible added drama to the sunrise. The blue and red hues can be adjusted to taste. Additional lens flare was rendered by Photoshop CC.

Sony Xperia Z3, ISO 50, f2, 1/400 sec.

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